ICO Calendar

An ICO or Initial Coin Offering is the public sale of the tokens of a new cryptocurrency project/company. The main purpose of an ICO is usually to raise funds from potential investors. While ICO may seem like a nice option for both investors and crypto startups, the increasing popularity of it is also attracting many scammers. Make sure to go through the list given below to be able to find the right ICO for your investment this year. If you want to list your ICO in this ICO Calendar, please email us at info@coinidea.co

Cryptocurrency ICO List

ICO Calendar – Most Popular ICO Sites List

ICO Whitepaper Stage Token Symbol Token Cost Airdrop
Coinolix Download Pre-ICO CLX 0.20 USD Yes
Review Network Download Pre-ICO REW 0.01 EUR Yes
EcoLend Download Pre-ICO ECO 0.000070ETH Yes
DeNet Download Pre-ICO DNET 0.035$ Yes
Officium Download ICO OFC 1 ETH = 14,000 OFC Yes
Lightning Crypto Download Public Crowdsale LNC $0.05 No
ETHX Coin Download Pre-ICO ETHX 0.23458$ No
Tutellus Download ICO REFER 0.05$ Yes
Globalipay Download ICO GIP .30$ No
Plentix Download Pre-ICO REFER .10$ No

Once you’ve decided to make an investment in an ICO, the next thing is to find out the best ICO project that actually has a demand in the market and a chance to grow in the future. To help our users, we have decided to list the top ICO projects ideal for investment in 2018 according to the data by some of the most reputed investors and investment companies in the world.

Now that you know about the best ICO projects where you can or should invest in 2018, go ahead and conduct your own research to find out more about these specific projects. Choose wisely and invest accordingly.

If you want to list your ICO here, please email us at info@coinidea.co