Get Ready for Careonchain

Only 5 Days To Go, Get Ready for Careonchain

Careonchain is all set to roll out its presale ICO on 14th August 2018. This is the ICO which can be your gateway for future. By future, we mean a time of unlimited wealth and benefits. Careonchain will invest the ICO proceeds into the research and development work dedicated to hybrid technology.

We will scour the universities across the globe and find the projects on hybrid cars. These projects will find their way to leading manufacturing plans through us. The projected usage of hybrid cars in next few years is going to grow exponentially. By 2050, all the diesel/petrol cars will be replaced with hybrid cars which run on electricity or other renewable energy sources.

The anticipated net worth of hybrid car industry is US$398.90 by 2024. Considering the figure, this is the best time to invest in this technology which can pour countless profits for you in the future. So, gear up for the ICO of lifetime, gain a lot of other benefits along with a future nurtured with hybrid technology.

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