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Cryptocurrency Mining – Meaning, Profitability and Example

Cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining concept released starting from 2009 and with the arrival of 2019, it will complete 10 years in the economy. However, cryptocurrency mining is not a mania, but it also stayed away from the fame lights among people. Now, the concept of mining using computer hardware is triggering in people’s mind. The shortage of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards and inflation price have created further tumble for the retail world.

The mining is not only about consumer graphics card. Now, PC game platform allows mining even when you are far from the system and it is also possible to exchange the digital currency in order to get new games. Many more outdoor hunter games are reaching the app store using cryptocurrency as the source.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Bitcoin has become the trendy topic now, we engage with news regarding Bitcoins on daily basis. Considering a value-per-coin scale, the value of bitcoin is greater than any other digital currencies and this is where the interest arises.

Previously, it was easy to mine the bitcoin at a small level, but now you need specialized hardware such as ASICs to mine the bitcoin. Although it is possible to mine other coins and using different services and exchange, the other coins can be converted to bitcoins. Mining is not just about finding the coin, it is a much complex term.

Blockchain and Mining Explained

The core concept behind Bitcoin is the blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is based on the secure, decentralized, and static framework. Every transaction in cryptocurrency is encrypted and after the encrypted transaction, it is included in the block and stays there until a fixed amount of transactions which are required to be completed have been recorded. Post the block completion process, it is included in a chain which is available for a public with the name of the blockchain.

The transaction is secure and doesn’t reveal the identity of the person behind it. The location is also decentralized so it cannot be operated by one entity or person. The blocks are complex mathematical puzzles which can only be solved by strong computer hardware. The computer process of solving these difficult puzzles in a block and adding them to public chain or blockchain or ledger is Mining.

Miners ensure the authenticity of the transactions and detect that they are not fake, with this process, the infrastructure becomes emphatical to go on.

The miner gets a reward in the process of solving the puzzle based on their system contribution. Thus, the block is resolved and coins are dispensed to miners and the coin supply increases significantly.

Understand Blockchain With Google Doc Example

As explained by William Mougayar in 2016, word processing programming, Microsoft work is the one side process where one first have to open, edit and then send again to other person and the other person repeats the same if there is an update. The same way banking works where two owners couldn’t update the same doc at the same point in time.

Then Google Docs has come into effect where the same time updating is easy and apparent. It is just like the shared ledger. The similar way blockchain technology works.

The blockchain technology can be used more over the financial transactions. It is fully transparent and amazingly, there is no chance of failure even at a single point. This is the reason as well why the blockchain technology is gaining momentum in the gaming world. The blockchain can also be used for secure cloud stack and dispensed as well in thousands of computers. The blockchain usage is endless and it just depends on the developer’s imagination on how to use it.

Cryptocurrency Mining Roots

The important elements involved in mining are a consumer or specialized hardware, and CPU and graphics cards combination. The dexterous mining apps are based on command-line, however, some use traditional graphics interfaces as well. The terms like Claymore, XMR-Stak or ccminer are also related to cryptocurrency mining and relevant as well for miners. First, you need to download the software required to mine the coin, then edit the executable text file which asks for details like mining pool URL, a name of the PC or worker and workers’ wallet address. Advanced techniques assist you to adjust how tough work your CPU or GPU does. The software is adaptable to Linux and Windows, however, it is as well hard to configure with non-Windows systems. On the basis of software and pools, variable by it formed differently.

Once the blocks are solved, the coins are issued and the pool disburses to an online cryptocurrency exchange or to miners in a respective wallet. Miners verify the transactions in the coin network and after completion, more coins are generated. So, miners are helpful in increasing coin number and keep the network going on.

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